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To make the world accessible through affordable and memorable experiences for all. We aim to provide value-added services that are tailored to the needs of our clients both locally and internationally.

Every First Sunday of the month

May 1st
Jun 5th
July 3rd
Aug 7th
Sep 4th
Oct 2nd
Nov 6th
Dec 4thrd


To provide eye-opening experiences, while challenging people’s perceptions about the African continent and spaces around the continent through immersive experiences.

Art Experience

About the experience: Johannesburg’s Art scene is one that is Afro-cosmopolitan inspired by the city’s vibrancy and culture.


In this experience, we bring the clients not only closer to the Art but to the people behind the Art; guests get a chance to meet and greet the Artist and get an insight behind every piece and the story behind each piece.


The space we will be visiting on this Art Experience will be:

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Ellis house art building resides in the inner-city neighbourhood of Doornfontein, bursting with things to see and experience. The Ellis house art building is a collective creative energy of ART and ARTISTS in the city of Johannesburg. The neighbourhood is an active and connected community thriving on a creative urban culture. Street art has turned this neighbourhood into a place for the people, with a selection of restaurants,

galleries, eateries, and markets - offering plenty of choice for a large residential community.

The space is also home to the artists which give it a very friendly and unique feel to it which really makes guests feel connected to the Artist and the space.

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living artist emporium

The space focuses on the emerging and upcoming artists’ arena and showcases cutting-edge contemporary art within the LAE sphere.


Living Artist Emporium was established to develop emerging artists via a sustainable platform that provides materials, workspaces, events, exhibition outlets, and resources. Lack of resources, guidance, and artistic direction are all factors emerging artists are facing today. Living Artist Emporium (LAE) is addressing these challenges by supplying the necessary infrastructure, guidance and tools to enable emerging artists to create cutting edge contemporary art and build their careers.

With this platform LAE is creating new ground in the art industry by offering high quality contemporary art as an investment for the future and to make art accessible to all.

Today, Living Artists Emporium is a leading specialist in Emerging Contemporary Art.

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Was a dilapidated light industrial complex in Lorentzville, originally housing the New York Steam Laundry. A friend of Brian’s was looking at the site in terms of a low-cost housing project but Brian saw the potential for a communal artisanal space as well as a food farm and entertainment space. The space is now home to some of the top artists in Johannesburg.

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1st Bus Departure

Pick up: Constitutional Hill - 09:35 am
Arrive at Ellis house - 09:50 am
Travel time 15 minite Distance 4,1km

Depart Ellis House - 10:20 am
Arrive at Living Artist Emporium - 10:25
Travel time 5 minute Distance 450m

Depart Living Artist Emporium - 10: 40
Arrive at Victoria Yard -10:48
Travel time 8 minute Distance 600m

Depart for Constitutional Hill - 11: 20 am

NB) Here we can give guests the option to either leave or Catch the next bus at 12pm for Constitutional Hill because there is a lot to doat the last stop.

Price: R450 per Adult    
              R250 per child     
              R120 for kids U12 
Family of four: R1050     


2nd Bus Departure

Pick up: Constitutional Hill - 12:35 am
Arrive at Ellis house - 12:50 pm
Travel time 15 minite Distance 4,1km

Depart Ellis House - 13:20 pm
Arrive at Living Artist Emporium - 13:25
Travel time 5 minute Distance 450m

Depart Living Artist Emporium - 13: 40 pm
Arrive at Victoria Yard -13:48 pm
Travel time 8 minute Distance 600m

Depart for Constitutional Hill - 14: 20 am

NB) Here we will give the guest the opportunity to either stay at Victoria Yard and Uber home or Join us for the Inner city Rooftop experience which will start at 3pm.

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Johannesburg Sunset Rooftop Experience

Hallmark house

Our Johannesburg Sunset Rooftop Experience showcase
Johannesburg from a bird's-eye view with a combination of the city's top Rooftop. On this experience we take guests through the journey of what the city was built on.

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ponte city
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the reef rooftop
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ponte city

The iconic Ponte building opened in 1976 with the sole
purpose of providing affordable housing in the inner city.
The building is the tallest residential building in Africa and
is home to over 2000 people today; the building is full of
History and will provide guests with a unique view of the
city from the 54th floor.

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Hallmark House

Rooftop 999 is a world class rooftop in the middle of the
city. The space is designed to make guests feel good
about themselves in the city they live in, the rooftop one
of the deuce bars on the African continent filled with Art
from some of the top artists in the world. The rooftop
gives guests a unique view of Johannesburg with Ponte
included in it.

The building is one of the 1st green rated buildings in the
inner city of Johannesburg with a combination of both
apartments and Hotels in the same space, definitely a
must see.

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Located in the heart of the city The Reef Hotel has one of those rooftops that will make you feel like a Randlord. The rooftop gives you a view of the Johannesburg CBD from a bird's eye view which allows guests to really see the city center up close.

The Reef Rooftop


1st Bus Departure

Pick up: Constitutional Hill - 15:00 pm
Arrive at Ponte city - 15:10 pm
Travel time 9 minite Distance 2,6km

Depart: Ponte City - 16:05 pm
Arrive at Hallmark House - 16:10
Travel time 5 minute Distance 2km

Depart: Hallmark House - 17:10 pm
Arrive at Reef Rooftop -17:17
Travel time 7 minute Distance 3,7 km

Depart: for Rosebank - 18: 20 pm

Guests will have the option to stay at any rooftop if they want, food menu and drink menu will be sent up on booking and the food will be available on arrival to save us time.

Price: R550 per Adult